Vindyards and Wineries Near You

Vineyards and wineries website is more than just a listing of vineyards and wineries in Canada or about wine made by these wineries. It is about the total experience of going to a winery and being at a winery.

The experience starts from the planning of a visit to a winery which could be a day trip to a single winery or more that are located in close proximity to each other which can be found on our interactive map. To the drive, to the tour of the vineyard and the wine making process, to wine tasting and dining at the in-house restaurant, to attending one of their special events or to staying at a winery.

The ultimate winery experience is hosting your event at a winery. Wineries are unique and are excellent locations for birthday parties, bridal showers and weddings, retirement functions, family get together, business and sales meetings and conventions, staff retreats or other corporate events.

Because of their uniqueness and natural beauty of the rural setting they make the perfect setting for your private function.

It is all about the experience. Expand your boundaries and tour a winery today or host your private function at a winery and create memories for a lifetime.