Artist of the Month: Lisa Abbatomarco; Mixed Media Sculpture

sculpture, 3-D design, mixed media paper structure, puppets

This month we turn to a local artist who not only uses handmade paper as a material in her mixed media sculptures, but also uses it to teach young ones to respect the environment and become active participants in caring for it. Meet Lisa Abbatomarco and her unique approach to handmade paper. She has been an…

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Artist of the Month: Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord

We here at Paper Connection International have come out of hibernation, finally, after a long, New England winter.  Of course the snow has been long gone, but it seemed like cold weather would just never end, and all the elements with it-curling up in our sweaters and scarves, cradling our teas, looking for inspiration in a sunny day.…

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Artist of the Month: Christine Aaron

Do you have the winter blues? Right now, if you are in the New England area, you might say: “yes!” We have had quite the winter so far, with snowstorm after snowstorm, and bitter cold to boot. However, with my amazing staff we have been able to keep our tight paper-ship running, sending out orders, and…

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