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Artists Helping Animals is HeARTs Speak’s seminal program that currently includes a network of nearly 600 professional artists working in a variety of mediums, who provide their services pro bono or donate their work to animal shelters, rescues, and advocacy groups.


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In the United States, only 25-30% of pets living in homes were adopted from a shelter or rescue, and globally this number can be even lower

Motivated by these sobering statistics, the goal of the Artists Helping Animals program is to improve the image of animal shelters and animals in need. Artist members contribute their services through beautiful, professional-quality imagery and promotional pieces, including photographs, graphic design, writing, paintings, sculpture, jewelry, drawings, and videos, to support and empower animal welfare organizations. Each year, this program impacts over 350,000 animals who are awaiting homes across the globe. Monthly, HeARTs Speak artist members are giving more than 15,000 hours of time and working in 1/3 of the animal shelters in the U.S. alone.


After a battle with cancer, Dawn read that “the best place to find one self, is in the service of others.” She’s been a photographer and an animal lover her entire life, so she decided to merge the two. Dawn is currently volunteering for several rescue agencies in Idaho. She says that working with rescue dogs and cats has in fact, helped her to find herself again.


Luke’s passion for photography started in December 2014, but his passion for animals started much sooner! He loves bonding with the longer-stay dogs at Bath Cats and Dogs Home and is overjoyed that, through photography, he can give them the exposure they need to find their forever home.


Marsha has been photographing animals since volunteering at Animal Rescue New Orleans 2007 after Hurricane Katrina — even adopting two! She now provides her creative services to Longmont Humane Society, meeting and photographing new dogs every week and helping them find homes, all while working to change perceptions about animal shelters overall.

Central to the Artists Helping Animals program is a deep and abiding respect for animals and humans, and the acknowledgment that it is only through collaboration that we will reach our goal

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