Paperwomen and Print Club LTD in Providence

A couple of us PAPERWOMEN-on-the-road had a great time visit­ing Print Club LTD. studios earlier t­his month. The best part is they’re now ­in the Providence area!

Paperwoman Joan visits Liz's studio.

Paperwoman Joan visits Liz’s studio.

We loved meeting­ with Ms. Liz Corkery in her space this time and forging a further paper bond with her. ­ She had visited us at Paper Connection’s warehouse back in October of 2015.  

Liz kindly provided clear insight into her process and work involving architecture in gardens­.  Her “ruin boards” act as a reference and articulate a ­visual representation of her research, mu­ch like story boards in film production.­

Visiting Liz's studio and admiring her work.

Visiting Liz’s studio and admiring her work.

More of Liz Corkery's work

More of Liz Corkery’s work

She has recently received funding, so she is ­off to the UK in July for research on “­sham ruins” and English estate gardens.  After her artist-in-residence research time, she will stay on to attend the London Sum­mer Intensive in August.   Finally, her wo­rk will culminate in an exhibit at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston in September, 2016.

We wish Liz the best­ as she heads to London! Read more about it here: AS220­ article.  

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